Alex “The Great” Volkanovski

  Alex Volkanovski is a up and coming Australian MMA athlete with a promising 17-1 MMA record and a 4-0 record in the UFC. He sat down with Jesse Begley to discuss his win over Jeremy Kennedy, in Perth earlier this year, how he discovered fighting and his climb up the UFC rankings..  

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Stefan Posthuma

Stefan Posthuma is a young Australian entrepreneur that specialises in creating regional Australian cookbooks. He also runs two podcasts and a radio show that focuses on the evolving hospitality and food culture in regional Australian kitchens. Jesse and Stefan sat down to talk about running a publishing company, small business mentality, and regional restaurant life.... Continue Reading →

A.J. Mackinnon

A.J. Mackinnon is a travel writer of the highest caliber. His two books "The unlikely journey of Jack De Crow" and "The Well at the World's End" relive the true tales of "Sandy's" travels. At twenty-eight Mackinnon hitchhiked overland and sea from New Zealand to Scotland and then set out on a one-man voyage from... Continue Reading →

John Wayne Parr

John Wayne Parr, a ten times world champion Muay Thai/ Kickboxer. As a young man, he trained in Thailand and became the most respected foreign Muay Thai fighter among Thai's. Parr is currently has a record of 99 kickboxing wins and is signed to U.S promoter Bellator Kickboxing. He also owns and runs his own gym in the Gold Coast... Continue Reading →

Tony Mott

Tony Mott sat down with Jesse Begley to discuss his long career in music photography. Originally from the U.K Tony travelled the world until he stumbled across the live music scene in 1980's Sydney. Over the next twenty year's he became one of Australia's best rock photographers, shooting everyone from the Rolling Stones to David Bowie .  He... Continue Reading →

Richard Fidler

Richard Fidler is an Australian author and  radio broadcaster that has championed the art of the long form interview since 2006. His nationally broadcast radio show "Conversations" that he hosts along side Sarah Kanowski, delves deep into the guests lives and makes a fascinating hour of radio. Richard sat down with Jesse Begley to discuss his new book Saga land, which... Continue Reading →

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